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Mary Bergin, Best-Selling Tin Whistle Album
Feadóga Stáin




Gael Linn


Irish Traditional


1. Rileanna / Reels: (a) Ril Gan Ainm (b) Ah Surely (c) The Union Reel - Mary Bergin 
2. Rileanna / Reels: (a) Miss Johnson's (b) Miko Russell's - Mary Bergin 
3. Poirt / Jigs: (a) Tom Billy's (b) The Langstern Pony - Mary Bergin 
4. Rileanna / Reels: (a) Sean Reid's (b) The Drunken Landlady - Mary Bergin 
5. Fonn Mall / Slow Air: Liam O Raghallaigh - Mary Bergin 
6. Rileanna / Reels: (a) Mrs. Crehan's (b) Gerry Commane's (c) The Rainy Day - Mary Bergin 
7. Poirt / Jigs: (a) Port Sean Seosamh (b) Sean Thiobraid Arann (c) The Wheels Of The World - Mary Bergin 
8. Rileanna / Reels (a) The Blackbery Blossom (b) Maud Miller (c) I Wish I Never Saw You (d) Up To Your Knees In Sand - Mary Bergin 
9. Cornphiopai / Hornpipes: (a) Garrai Na BhFeileog (b) Miss Galvin - Mary Bergin 
10. Rileanna / Reels: (a) The Lady On The Island (b) The Concert Reel (c) The Hut In The Bog - Mary Bergin 
11. Fonn Mall / Slow Air: Mo Mhuirnin Ban - Mary Bergin 
12. Rileanna / Reels: (a) Mick Hand's (b) The Reel Of Mullinavat - Mary Bergin 
13. Poirt / Jigs: (a) The Monoghan Jig (b) Nora Chrionna - Mary Bergin 
14. Rileanna / Reels: (a) Kitty Gone A-Milking (b) Last Night's Fun (c) The Wind That Shakes The Barley - Mary Bergin