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Seamus Heaney & John Montague
The Northern Muse




Claddagh Records


Irish Poetry/Spoken Word


Claddagh Records gratefully acknowledge the financial assistance from the Arts Council Of Northern Ireland towards the production of this Record

Recorded in Ireland by Lloyd's International, Belfas, 1968 for Claddagh Records Ltd., 19 Raedh na nIIartharach, Caile Athe Claith. Cover designed by Barrie Cooke.

Printed in England by West Brothers Peinters Ltd.

There are introductions by both poets on the back of the jacket


1. Personal Helicon
2. The Diviner
3. The Barn
4. Follower
5. Requiem for the Croppies
6. The Wife’s Tale
7. Mother
8. Elegy for a Still-born Child
9. Bogland
10. A Lough Neagh Sequence
11. The Trout
12. The Water Carrier
13. Poisoned Lands
14. Old Mythologies
15. Clear the Way
16. Henhouse
17. The Cage
18. All Legendary Obstacles
19. Return
20. The Siege of Mullingar
21. Hymn to the New Omagh Road