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Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin
An Dara Craiceann




Gael Linn


Irish Traditional


“An Dara Craiceann” contains songs that are by turns light-hearted, desolate, graceful, wistful and as sad in their singing as they were in their composition. Pádraigín has the power to hold the heart of these songs and present us with the pulse and heartbeat of the people and communities who forged them. In all my listening over many years, this is the voice, this is the humility in the face of history, this is the wonder, and these are the chimes of history echoing out into eternity. These landmark albums deserve your attention so thanks be to the folk who sing them and thanks be to the folk who made them - the people "whose ghosts sit up all night and tend the glow of the turf" as the poet Ciaran Carson so eloquently reminds us.


1. Na Tar Ach San Oiche
2. Eireoidh Me Amarach
3. A Oganaigh Oig
4. Nach Aoibhinn Don Eanlaith
5. Eirigh A Shineid
6. Uirchill A' Chreagain
7. An Bad Si
8. Ta An Oiche Seo Dorcha
9. A Bhean Udai Thall
10. Ta Daoine Ag Ra
11. A Mhuire 'S A Ri
12. An Bhean Chaointe
13. Coillte Glas A' Triucha
14. Ta Se In Am Domsa Eiri
15. A Chara Dhilis.