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Sweeney's Men
Sweeney's Men/ The Tracks of Sweeney






Irish Folk


1. Rattlin' Roarin' Willy
2. Sullivan's John
3. Sally Brown
4. My Dearest Dear
5. The Exile's Jig
6. The Handsome Cabin Boy
7. Dicey Riley
8. Tom Dooley
9. Willy O'Winsbury
10. Dance To Your Daddy
11. The House Carpenter
12. Johnston
13. Reynard The Fox
14. Dreams For Me
15. The Pipe On The Hob
16. Brain Jam
17. Pretty Polly
18. Standing On The Shore
19. A Mistake No Doubt
20. Go By Brooks
21. When You Don't Care For Me
22. Afterthoughts
23. Hiram Hubbard
24. Hall Of Mirrors
25. Old Maid In A Garret
26. The Derby Ram
27. Waxies Dargle
28. Old Woman In Cotton
29. Sullivan's John
30. Rattlin' Roarin' Willy