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Tommy Mellett & Neansai Ni Choisdealbha
An Tower






Irish Traditional


1. Reels: Boil the Breakfast Early / The Berehaven
2. Jigs: Geese in the Bog / Up Sligo! / The Old Geese in the Bog
3. Hornpipes: The Bantry / Flaherty's
4. Slip Jigs: Kitty, Come Down to Limerick / Patsy Geary's
5. Reels: Bolton Street / Palmer's Gate
6. Barndances: Dances at Kinvara / The Chaffpool Post
7. Marches: The Battle of Geashill / The Pride of Erin
8. Jigs: the Yellow Wattle / The Shoemaker's Last
9. Reels: The Traveller / Billy Brocker's
10. Slip Jigs: Dever the Dancer / Give Us a Drink of Water / A Fig for a Kiss
11. Hornpipes: The Killeigh Hornpipes / The Good-Natured Man
12. Reels: The Whistler of Roslea / The Shoemaker's Daughter / Richard Dwyer's
13. Jigs: The Boys of Coomanore / Farewell to Ballinahulla / Billy McCormack's (Paddy Cronin's)
14. Slow Air: Peaceful Claddaghduff
15. Waltzes: The Jolly Man / The Blue Beetle
16. Hornpipes: McGivney's / The Birds'
17. Reels: Lillies in the Field / The Ballina Lass
18. Jigs: Fraher's / Helvick Head
19. Barndances: If There Weren't Any Women in the World / Hill of Tara
20. Reels: The Mountain Top / Providence