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Claddagh Records announces rising folk artist Niamh Bury as new signing

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Debut single ‘Beehive’ to be released Friday, 7th July 2023

7th June, 2023 (Dublin, Ireland)-Claddagh Records today announces the exceptionally talented folk singer-songwriterNiamh Bury as a new signing. 

Niamh Bury’s debut single ‘Beehive’ will be released onFriday, 7th July 2023.

The signing is the second by Claddagh Records in recent weeks; last month, the label announced experimental doom folk band ØXN as the first new addition to the roster in 18 years.

Niamh Bury makes music that comes from the deepest part of her.“It’s the best means of communication I have,” she says.I think art puts a mic up to that quiet part of ourselves that can easily get drowned out by the constant noise around us. If I need to figure out how I feel about something, I'll write a song about it."

With influences as wide-ranging as Laura Marling, Fiona Apple and Paul Simon, to name a few, Niamh’s music will resonate with fans of artists like Big Thief, Ye Vagabonds and Billie Marten. 


“‘Beehive’ is about the overlapping of myth, folk wisdom and science,” says Niamh of her debut single. “It was inspired by a passage from a book I was reading about a tribe in  the Amazon who say that the human brain is like a beehive – at once chaotic and intricately ordered.

As chance would have it, ‘at once chaotic and intricately ordered’ could well be used to describe Claddagh Records founder Garech Browne’s approach to the iconic Irish label. A cacophony of contradictions, Garech was as renowned for his lavish parties and famous friends as he was for his life’s work: preserving and championing the rich musical heritage of Ireland. 

His abiding wish was that Claddagh should, could, and just might be revived, to become, once more, an active contributor to Ireland’s prodigious artistic output. 

Owing in part to a worldwide licensing agreement with Universal Music Ireland in 2020, Garech Browne’s singular vision for the label can now be realised by making available Claddagh’s back catalogue of artists like The Chieftains, Seán Ó Riada, Seamus Heaney and Patrick Kavanagh, to name just a few, and also by signing new artists like Niamh Bury - one of Ireland’s most exciting new talents. 

Over the past six months alone, Niamh Bury has collaborated and shared the stage with acts like Dermot Kennedy, Ye Vagabonds, Martin Hayes, Myles O’Reilly, Niamh Regan and Cinder Well. 

Her songs are maps of conversations - both real and perhaps yearned for - with oneself, loved ones, imaginary characters and those who have passed on to other worlds. Each is an attempt to arrive at some kind of empathy, understanding and acceptance. The music is both lush and spacious, giving the listener room to swim, dip or fly between verses. 

Notably, this year Niamh was selected by Dermot Kennedy to play with him in an exclusive gig at one of Dublin’s favourite pubs, The Long Hall, as part of  Guinness’s Live and Rising campaign. 


She has performed at St. Patrick’s Festival, Body & Soul, Quiet Lights, and Dún Laoghaire Folk Festival, captivating audiences with uniquely stirring vocals, adept lyricism, and striking interpretations of old songs. 


Niamh is one of the chief organisers of the iconic traditional singing sessionThe Night Before Larry Got Stretched, which famously takes place in The Cobblestone Pub on the last Sunday of every month  and whose founders include members of Lankum. 


Niamh Bury’s debut single ‘Beehive’ will be released on Claddagh Records on Friday, 7th July 2023


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