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Clannad release remastered versions of Crann Úll and Fuaim

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Clannad release remastered versions of Crann Úll and Fuaim

Kate Brayden | Hotpress

July 16th

The latest instalment of newly remastered catalogue releases, from the home of Tara Music, aligns with the group’s 50th anniversary together, having formed in 1970.

Traditional Irish stalwart group Clannad have shared remastered editions of their fifth and sixth studio albums, Crann Úll and Fuaim, via Tara Music today.

Crann Úll ("apple tree") was first shared 1980, and marked the first Clannad album to feature younger sister Eithne Ní Bhraonáin (later known as Enya). She appears as supporting vocalist on the track 'Gathering Mushrooms'. 1982's Fuaim (Irish for "sound") was produced by Nicky Ryan and was the final Clannad album with Enya's vocals. It is also the only Clannad album to credit her. Enya departed, along with Nicky Ryan, shortly thereafter to begin a solo career.

Two special re-issues of Crann Úll and Fuaim are again available on 180gram Vinyl, CD and digital. Arguably their most influential, these two significant re-releases have been beautifully remastered by Aidan Foley/Masterlabs and overseen by Pól Brennan.

"We are very pleased that Crann Úll and Fuaim have been remastered and are available again on vinyl ...they were an important part of our musical journey....we are also very happy to lend our support to independent record stores everywhere," says Pól Brennan of Clannad.

The first 80 copies of Crann Úll, originally released in 1980, are pressed on 180gram Dark Grey vinyl. The first 82 copies of Fuaim, released in 1982, are pressed on 180gram Simple White vinyl. Both are signed and numbered exclusively on Claddagh Records' website.


Pick up a copy of Crann Úll and Fuaim here