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Mick Flannery
Red Blue


For the first time ever on vinyl, Mick Flannery - Red To Blue

After the release of ‘White Lies’, Mick and band toured Ireland extensively for what, Mick openly admits, may have been too long a period. “The songwriting suffered and lacked originality because of lack of time off”. When Mick did finally get off the road, he went in to studio in Killarney, with Tony O’Flaherty, but with so few songs to work with, only ‘Gone Forever’ lasted to make the album. Mick and band decamped to Wexford in January 2010, to Purple Crow studios, where they recorded day and night. “A good deal of the songs were written here while staying in the house come studio ran by Donal Byrne” say Mick. “Bassist Brian Hassett, guitarist Hugh Dillon, violinist Karen O’Doherty, singer Yvonne Daly and drummer Christian Best were all influential in the arrangement and styling of the songs”.  From these sessions came  ‘Heartless Man’, ‘Ships in the Night’, ‘Lead Me On, Up On That Hill’, ‘Nasty Weather’, ‘If I Go On’, and ‘Get That Gold’. At this point there were close to thirty songs in all but still no sign of a finished album.



Side 1

1.      Gone Forever

2.       Heartless Man

3.       Only Gettin’ On

4.       Ships In the Night

5.       Keepin’ Score

6.       Red to Blue

Side 2

1.      Up on that Hill

2.       No Way to Live

3.       Get That Gold

4.       Down The Road

5.       Lead Me On

6.       Boston