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Various Artists
Champions Of Ireland Collection Accordion / Ceili Bands / Tin Whistle


1. Salamanca/The Boys of Ballisodare - Denise Shiels
2. The Pigeon On the Gates/Turlough Hill - Denise Shiels
3. George White's/Gillespie's - Denise Shiels
4. Knocknagow/Imelda's Favourite - Denise Shiels
5. The Belfast Hornpipe/The Joys of Spring - Denise Shiels
6. Crowley's/The Banshee - Denise Shiels
7. Tom Billie's/Sinéad White's - Denise Shiels
8. Father Kelly's Reel/The Merry Blacksmith - Denise Shiels
9. The Whore in the Nettles/Sweet Biddy Daly - Denise Shiels
10. The Moving Cloud/Jennie's Chickens - Denise Shiels
11. Sliabh Na MBán - Denise Shiels
12. Dearg Doom - Denise Shiels
13. The Green Meadow/The Road to Killimor - Denise Shiels
14. The Bucks of Oranmore/The Foxhunters - Denise Shiels
1. The Mountain Road/The Floggin' Reel/The Sailor's Bonnet - The Dublin Céilí Band
2. Boulavogue - The Dublin Céilí Band
3. The Mountains of Pemeroy/Captain Dunne/The Boys of Wexford - The Dublin Céilí Band
4. Friar's Britches/The Ballymore Jig - The Dublin Céilí Band
5. Off to California/Kelly's Hornpipe/The Cuckoo's Nest - The Dublin Céilí Band
6. The Flowing Tide/The Rakes of Kildare/The Swallow's Tail - The Dublin Céilí Band
7. The Bag of Spuds/Tom Steele's/The Foxhunters - The Dublin Céilí Band
8. The Fields of Athenry/Mary from Dungloe/A Bunch of Thyme - The Dublin Céilí Band
9. The Pigeon On the Gate/The Duke of Leinster/The Bucks of Oranmore - The Dublin Céilí Band
10. The Tenpenny Bit/The Boys of the Town - The Dublin Céilí Band
11. Sixpenny Money/The Siamsa Jig - The Dublin Céilí Band
12. McDermott's Reels/The Sally Gardens/The Silver Spear - The Dublin Céilí Band
13. Jackie Coleman's Reel/Father Kelly's Reel/The Sligo Maid - The Dublin Céilí Band
1. McDermott's No. 1 Reel/Drowsie Maggie - Gráinne Kelly & Ciarán Marsden
2. Over the Mountain/Did You See My Man? - Gráinne Kelly & Ciarán Marsden
3. The Halfway House/The Copper Plate/The Star of Munster - Gráinne Kelly & Ciarán Marsden
4. Cork Hornpipe/Sliabh Rua - Gráinne Kelly & Ciarán Marsden
5. Sliabh Na MBán - Gráinne Kelly & Ciarán Marsden
6. Joe Cooley's/Tulla Reel/Flaxen Bloom - Gráinne Kelly & Ciarán Marsden
7. Jackie Colman's/The Teetotaler/The Sailor's Bonnet - Gráinne Kelly & Ciarán Marsden
8. Conn Casey's Jig/Fasten the Leg On Her - Gráinne Kelly & Ciarán Marsden
9. Crowley's Hornpipe/The Boys of Blue Hill - Gráinne Kelly & Ciarán Marsden
10. The Eavesdropper/The Kid On the Mountain - Gráinne Kelly & Ciarán Marsden
11. Éamonn an Chnoic - Gráinne Kelly & Ciarán Marsden
12. The Scholar/Father Kelly's Reel/St. Anne's Reel - Gráinne Kelly & Ciarán Marsden