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The Staves
Good Woman

It's a decade since The Staves self-released their first EP and a lot has happened since then. Their third album 'Good Woman' was written and recorded amid major upheaval, heartbreak and bereavement. The new-found boldness, loudness and lyrical directness on this record are indicative of lives forced to become a serious concern.

Track Listing:
1. Good Woman - The Staves
2. Best Friend - The Staves
3. Careful, Kid - The Staves
4. Next Year, Next Time - The Staves
5. Nothing's Gonna Happen - The Staves
6. Sparks - The Staves
7. Paralysed - The Staves
8. Devotion - The Staves
9. Failure - The Staves
10. Satisfied - The Staves
11. Trying - The Staves
12. Waiting On Me to Change - The Staves

Year of Production: 2021