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Maija Sofia
Bath Time (Anniversary Repress)


LP Vinyl


Trapped Animal


Irish Folk


Following the success of lo-fi dream-pop single ‘Flowers’, Maija Sofia releases her debut album ‘Bath Time’ out on Trapped Animal Records. Sofia took inspiration from story-driven traditional folk ballads and shone them through the lens of a punk DIY ethos. The album name comes from the ritual of daily bathing, a whimsical place where most of the lyrics were written. The album deals with the ways in which women's voices, stories and desires have been sidelined and misrepresented throughout history. From Edie Sedgwick to Bridget Cleary, Sofia's songs imagine a world in which silenced women speak back.


1. The Gold Shoes
2. Hail Mary
3. Edie Sedgwick
4. The Wife Of Michael Cleary
5. The Glitter
6. Cobweb
7. Morning
8. Elizabeth
10. The Trees They Do Grow High