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Derek Bell
Carolan's Favourite




Claddagh Records


Irish Classical


Derek Bell pays tribute to the genius of Turlough O’Carolan (1670 - 1738), the great harper/composer who flourished in the dying years of Gaelic Ireland. The music of Carolan has been well documented, and Derek is joined by The Chieftains and The New Irish Chamber Orchestra in the most authoritative collection of his music available on record.


1) Aedh Ó Domhnaill - All Alive - Maíre Ní Néill - Carolan's Fancy
2) Squire Wood's Lamentation on Ye - Refusal of His Halfpence
3) Sean Jones - Robert Jordan
4) Lady St.John - Donnchadha Ó Conchubhair
5) David Poer - Seamus Óg Pluincéad
6) Cian Ó hEaghra - Marbhna Thoirdhealbhach Óg Mhic Donnchadha
7) Bantighearna Dhíolúin
8) Michael Ó Conchubair
9) Brighid Crúis - Carolan's Welcome - Madam Keel
10) Coirnéal Pamár - The Right Reverend, The Lord Bishop Mac Mahon of Clogher – Ó Floinn
11) Seán Ó hAirt, An Tighearna Oirmhidneach Easpoig Achadh Conaire – Catríona Ó Mordha
12) Bettí Níc Dhiarmada Ruaidh - Anna Bean Mhic Dhiarmada Ruaidh
13) Carolan's Variations on Cock Up Your Beaver