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John Montague and Paddy Moloney
The Wild Dog Rose




Claddagh Records


Irish Poetry/Spoken Word


For anyone who loves Irish music and poetry, this is the album for you. A collaboration a long time in the making, Paddy Moloney of The Chieftains fame and John Montague, celebrated Irish poet, have at last produced the album they've talked about since the 1960s.

It is a combination of John Montague's moving and tear inducing poetry and Paddy Moloney's evocative and stirring Uilleann pipes. As well as the pipes, he plays the tin whistle and Sir James Galway also appears along with the other members of The Chieftains. The Irish pianist, Veronica McSwiney also contributes.

Poems by John Montague & Music arranged by Paddy Moloney.

Also featuring: Kevin Conneff, Sean Keane, Triona Marshall, Matt Molloy, Sir James Galway and Veronica McSwiney.


1. Old Mythologies/Tíarna Mhuigh Eo (march)
2. The Hag of Beare
3. An tSean Bhean Bhocht (air/hornpipe)
4. The Wild Dog Rose/Róisín Dubh (air)
5. Dowager
6. An Maidrín Rua (jig)
7. Windharp
8. A Bright Day/ Whistle Jig (jig)
9. Liadhán Laments
10. Iníon an Fhaoitigh ón nGleann (air)
11. The Same Gesture
12. The Fight
13. The Locket
14. The County Tyrone (air)
15. Woodtown Manor
16. Cock Up Your Beaver (Scottish song)
17. Lug a' Lágha (air)
18. Luggala
19. Luggelaw (air)
20. The Flight of the Earls
21. Caoineadh Uí Néill (lament)
22. Tréansiúl Uí Néill (march)
23. No Music
24. There Are Days
25. An Bunnán Buí (air)
26. A Grafted Tongue
27. Brighid O'Neill
28. Birghid Ní Néill (harp tune)
29. Seán Ó Riada
30. Seán Ó Díghe (air)
31. Last of the House
32. Ur-Chill an Chreagáin (song)
33. The Family Piano
34. The Downfall of Paris (set dance)