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Thomas Kinsella
Poems 1956-2006




Claddagh Records


Irish Poetry/Spoken Word


Born in Dublin in 1928. He attended University College Dublin and entered the Irish Civil Service, before becoming a full-time writer and teacher in the US.
He is the author of over 30 collections of poetry, including this Claddagh Records compilation, which is one of only two audio compilations ever made by Kinsella, the other being Fair Eleanor, O Christ Thee Save, released by Claddagh in 1971


Disc 1
1. Soft, to your Places
2. A Lady of Quality
3. Baggot Street Deserta
4. In the Ringwood
5. Another September
6. “I wonder whether one excepts…”
7. The Laundress
8. Dick King
9. Cover her face
10. Chrysalides
11. Mirror in February
12. Our Mother
13. Westland Row
14. Folk Wisdom
15. Wormwood
16. The Secret Garden
17. First Light
18. Leaf-Eater
19. Nightwalker
20. Hen Woman
21. A Hand of Solo
22. The High Road
23. Ancestor
24. Tear
25. A Selected life
26. Vertical Man
27. Finistere

Disc 2
1. Butcher’s Dozen
2. His father’s Hands
3. Artists’ Letters
4. Tao and Unfitness at Inistigue on the River Nore
5. The Messenger
6. St Catherine’s Clock
7. In Memory
8. The Stable
9. The Back Lane
10. The Stranger
11. From The Familiar (I-IV, VII)
12. Glenmacnass
13. Blood of the innocent
14. Marcus Aurelius
15. Marginal Economy