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The Beautiful Road
Rónán Ó Snodaigh & Myles O Reilly


Musicians Rónán Ó Snodaigh and Myles O'Reilly are proud to announce the release of their second album 'The Beautiful Road', a soulful blend of folk, traditional, and ambient crossover. Following the success of their debut album Tá Go Maith, which was warmly received by Irish audiences after its release in May 2020, Rónán and Myles have been playing numerous shows at home and abroad, showcasing their unique sound to an ever-growing fan-base. 

Having written and developed new songs while touring, the duo decamped to a log cabin in Roscommon and a farmhouse in remote West Cork. Recording one song every day, surrounded by countryside and inspired by nature the pair set out to create a soothing listening experience by focusing on higher frequencies, inspired by the calming effects of bird song, wind, rain, and sea. They also sought to counter the increased levels of intrusive ambient "white noise" caused by traffic, machinery, and other unpredictable sounds arising from the worlds post pandemic return to frenzied norms.

Noises that so often overwhelm our ears and inner filters. The result is a collection of songs that experiment with a variety of comforting sonic elements, including bells, breaths, brush-stroked rhythms, halftime beats, and ambient melodies, to create a sonic massage that relaxes the ears and settles the soul. 

To accompany different moods and settings, Rónán and Myles carefully selected times and frequencies for each song, considering not only the tune but also the listener's potential physical posture. From head-nodding paces and cheek-to-cheek melodies for seated listeners, to enough swing to keep dancers on the floor and enough room to drift off for those who prefer to unwind by walking or lying down, this album offers a range of sonic experiences for everyone. A musical refuge from the stresses of everyday life. 


1. King of The Kingdom (Rí A' Ríocht)
2. Níl Aon Easpa Orm
3. The Beautiful Road
4. Sí Liom (Uaireanta)
5. Calling All Angels
6. An Ghlas Ar An Domhain
7. Sin Sin
8. Análl Mór Doimhin
9. Bacon, Eggs, Blood and Bread