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Derek Bell
Carolan's Receipt




Claddagh Records


Irish Traditional


Derek Bell plays the music of Turlough O Carolan, the blind harper and composer who lived from 1670 to 1738, a time when Gaelic Ireland was disintegrating. Carolan was one of the last of the professional bards. Derek Bell is probably his most authoritative interpreter and on many of these tracks plays a metal-strung harp built to resemble the instrument of Carolan’s time. The widest selection of Carolan’s music available on record, this is the most intelligent approximation to what the original music may have sounded like. Many of the tracks are accompanied by members of The Chieftains.


1. Sídh Beag agus Sídh Mór
2. Carolan's Receipt or An Dochtúir Seán Stafford (Doctor John Stafford)
3. Lady Athenry (Bantighearna Átha An Ríogh)
4. Fanny Poer
5. Máire Dhall (Blind Mary)
6. Sir Festus A Búrca (Sir Festus Burke)
7. ‘Rúisg, A bhean na tabhairne’ (Carolan's quarrel with the landlady) and Carolan's ramble to Cashel
8. Mrs Poer Or Carolan's ‘Concerto’
9. Seán Ó Conchubhair (John O'Connor) and A h-uiscí chroidhe na n-anamann (The Ode to Whiskey)
10. Seóirse Brabston (George Brabazon)
11. Máible Ní Cheallaigh (Mabel Kelly)
12. Madam Maxwell/Carolan's Nightcap/Lady Gethin
13. Brighid Crúis (Three Bridget Cruise Airs)
14. Seán Ó Raighilligh (John O'Reilly)
15. Carolan's Farewell to Music