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1916 Rebel Anthems & Ballads


1. A Nation Once Again (Terry O'Neil)
2. The Foggy Dew (The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem)
3. The Ballad of James Connolly - The Irish Rebel (The Freemen)
4. Something Inside So Strong (Terry O'Neill)
5. Jackets Green (Eileen Donaghy)
6. Grace (Dublin Folk Band)
7. Ireland Divided (Diarmuid O'Neil)
8. The Dawning of the Day (Michael O'Duffy)
9. Shall My Soul Pass Through Ireland (Tersa Duffy)
10. 1916 Proclamation - PH Pearse (Michael MacLiammoir)
11. Broad Black Brimmer (Freemen)
12. Kevin Barry (The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Maken)
13. The Bold Fenian Men (Margaret Barry)
14. Boys of the Old Brigade (The Freemen)
15. Follow Me Up to Carlow (Paddy Kelly)
16. On the One Road (Eileen Donaghy)
17. Whack Fol the Diddle (Liam Clancy)
18. Dying Rebel (Willie Brady)
19. The Coolin' (Sean Maguire)
20. John Mitchell (The Freemen)
21. Irish Republican Army (Willie Brady)
22. Take It Down From the Mast - Anti Treaty Song 1922 (Peadar O'Toole)
23. Ireland Unfree (The Freemen)
24. Four Green Fields (Galway Bay Ramblers)
25. The Soldier's Song