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Bobby Gardiner
Melodeon Mad


1. Reels: The New Mown Meadows / Hand Me Down The Tackle
2. Jigs: Scatter the Mud / The Connachtman’s Rambles
3. Hornpipe: The Independent
4. Waltz: Pull Down the Blind / Reel: The Wind That Shakes the Barley
5. Polkas: Cashman’s Lord Seaforth’s Reel
6. Horpipes: The Sunshine / Boys of Blue Hill
7. Polka: I Know What Mary Wants
8. Reels: Swallows Tail / Devaney’s Goat
9. Jigs: The Dancing Master / Carty’s
10. Air: The Little Red Lark
11. Reel: Bonnie Kate
12. Waltz: The Blue Danube
13. Jig: The Town of Coothill (Ed Reevey) / Reel: The Full Set (Michael McGoldrick)
14. Waltzes: Tipperary So Far Away / Come Back Paddy Reilly / Mockingbird Hill
15. Hornpipe: Flaherty’s / The Flogging Reel