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De Danann


1. Master Crowley's - De Dannan
2. Ireland - De Dannan
3. Apples in Winter/Old Man Dillon/Trip to the Cottage - De Dannan
4. My Baby Needs a Shepherd - De Dannan
5. Patsy Touhey's/Fred Finn - De Dannan
6. Hard Station - De Dannan
7. Flax in Blood/Drunken Landlady/Devils of Dublin - De Dannan
8. Con Cassidy's/Sweet Biddy Daly/Fr. O'Flynn - De Dannan
9. My Beloved and I - De Dannan
10. The Old Claddagh Ring/The Turnpike Gate/The Killavil Fancy - De Dannan
11. How Will I Ever Be Simple Again? - De Dannan
12. The Garden of Daisies/Billy Brocker - De Dannan
13. Inis Oirr - De Dannan
14. Monaghan Jig/Drowsy Maggie/Maid Behind the Bar - De Dannan
15. Across the Borderline - De Dannan
16. The Holly Bush/Sailing Into Walpole's Marsh - De Dannan