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Éamonn O’Riordan And Tony O’Connell
Rooska Hill




Gael Linn


Irish Traditional


1. Reels: The Leitrim Thrush / Edenderry Reel / Gan Ainm (with Arty)
2. Hornpipes: Fitzgerald's / The Few Bob (with Brian & Gearóid)
3. Jigs: Jackson's Rum Punch / The Drake's Lad (with Arty)
4. Reels: Áine's Reel / Gan Ainm / The Clare Reel (with Brian & Gearóid)
5. Slides: The Star Above The Garter / The Lisheen Slide (with Brian & Gearóid)
6. Barndances: Around The Fairy Fort / The New Broom Sweeps Clean (with Brian & Gearóid)
7. Reels: Pádraig O'Keeffe's / The Eel In The Sink / The Peeler's Pocket (with Brian & Arty)
8. Jigs: Fasten The Leg On Her / The Goat In The Green / The Stick Across The Hob (with Brian)
9. Hornpipes: Kitty Hayes' / Kingstown Hornpipe / The First Sign Of Light (with Arty)
10. Reels: The Flower Of The Flock / The Maids Of Hollywell (with Brian)
11. West Limerick Flings: Charming Lovely Nancy / Turn Hill / Flanagan's (with Brian & Gearóid)
12. West Limerick Slides: John Joe Hartnett's (with Arty)