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Enda Seery
Síocháin Na Tuaithe






1. The Scholar / Sam’s Delight / The Night Owl Time (Reels)
2. The Castle / The Nightingale (Jigs)
3. Peggy in the Settle / Day Trip to Galway (Single Reels)
4. It’s A Working Man (Song)
5. The Dairy / The Belfast (Hornpipes)
6. Santa Cruz / Friends from the States (Jigs)
7. Amhrán na Leabhar (Slow Air)
8. An Bhfuil an Fear Mór Istigh? (Set Dance, Slip Jig)
9. The Golden Keyboard / John Blessing’s / The Highlandman Who Kissed HIs Granny (Reels)
10. My Aunt Jane / The Gullane / The Rambling Sailor (Polkas)
11. Jearóid / You Rogue You Daren’t Meddle Me (Slow Reel, Reel)
12. The Killeigh / Langton’s of Kilkenny (Hornpipes)
13. Loving Hannah (Song)
14. Tatter Jack Walsh / An Luradán / The Hag With The Money (Jigs)
15. Síocháin na Tuaithe / Ralph’s Paw (Slow Waltz, Jig)
16. Larry’s Favourite / The Floating Crowbar / The Chicago (Reels)