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Hal Roach
The Very Best Of


Ceol Music Ltd


Vintage Irish Comedy


1. Intro
2. Born To Be A Comedian
3. English Have Landed In The Moon/Mother On A Pedestal
4. Is There Anybody Sitting There?/ Directions, I Know A Man Who Does
5. Who Told You That/ Casey Died In Spain
6. Canary With One Leg/ Two Wooden Legs/ Labour Exchange, You Started It
7. Nun, In Here Again/ Marry Your Daughter/ First Husband
8. Army And Navy Stores/ Nails
9. Wakes And Funerals
10. Cat Died
11. Doolin And Bishop Of Galway
12. Racehorse
13. Dublin Taxi Driver
14. Casey Pilot, Christmas/ Postman, Not My Dog/ Can You See Me
15. Priest Sermon, Sent Three Boats
16. Butter Milk/ Sin To The Morning
17. Newspaper, Back Tomorrow/ Directions, Telegraph Poles
18. Doctors
19. Room For The Night/ Diamond, Stone
20. Wake, Out Of Here In The Morning
21. What Is A Little Girl
22. Traffic One Way/ Nuns Red Mini
23. Rheumatism, Got It In Two Days/ Birds Coughing/ The Way We Walk
24. Half Left Behind/ Delivering Bridge
25. Things Kids Say/ Walls Of Jericho
26. Fishing, Trains Coming
27. Who Painted My Donkey/ Scotsman, Honeymoon Parrot, Who Is It
28. Whiskey, Were Jewish/ Smoking
29. Americans/ Long Playing Records
30. Farmer, Cow, Money
31. Matrimonial, 10 Ton Truck
32. Guinness', 3 Weeks Fire Out/ No Flipping Place
33. He's Shaving You
34. Married, Tell, Baby/ 24 Lose In Crowd/ Magic, Disappeared
35. The Wife
36. Ferry Jumping Coming Inn
37. Old Couple, Forgot The Toast
38. Two Weeks To Live/ Corpse, He Pulled A Knife
39. The Widow Quinn
40. My Father Different Name/ Barrel Of Guinness Upstairs
41. Laugh With The Children Of Ireland
42. Mr. Hennessy's Son
43. Godfather Accountant
44. Helping Pitbull/ Dial A Prayer/ Red Hair
45. One Eyed Cat/ Make His Own Tea/ Anyone With A Beard
46. Is That Your Father/ Guard Dogs/ Eats Like A Horse
47. Man Kitten/ Frog Impression/ Drunk Dont You Believe It
48. Drink, Smoke Or Gamble/ Boiling Soup
49. Pack Your Bags/ Lost Trailer/ Camping In War
50. Write It Down