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Johnny Connolly
An tOilean Aerach






Irish Traditional


1. Reels: Farewell To Ireland / Miss Mcleod's
2. Reels: The Wise Maid / Last Night's Fun
3. Hornpipes: The Plains Of Boyle /Kitty's Wedding
4. Jigs: Jerry's Beaver Hat / Jack Coen's
5. Polkas: Peata Beag Do Mhathair / Polca Aine / Little Diamond
6. Reels: The Trip To Durrow / The Old Concertina Reel
7. Reels: Inis Caltrach / The Green Gates
8. Jigs: Port Chuil Aodha / An Rogaire Dubh
9. Reel: Lord Gordon
10. Hornpipes: The Echo / Byrne's Hornpipe
11. Reels: Crowley's
12. Jigs: Repeal Of The Union / The Cat's Miaow
13. Reels; Bonny Kate / Jenny's Chickens
14. Reels: The Scholar / The Mooncoin Reel
15. Reel: The Mason's Apron
16. Reels: The Merry Blacksmith / Rolling In Teh Rye Grass
17. Reels: Miss Johnston / Donegal Reel
18. Hornpipes: Liverpool Hornpipe / Leitrim Fancy
19. Hornpipes: An Staicin Eorna / Love Will You Marry Me
20. Jigs: Irish Washerwoman / Connachtman's Rambles
21. Jigs: The Old Geese In The Bog / An Seanduine Doite
22. Hornpipes: The Harvest Home / Boys Of Blue Hill