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Matt Cunningham
Dance Music of Ireland Vol.12


Ceol Music Ltd


Irish Traditional


1. The Borlin Jenny Set - 1st Figure (Reels)
2. The Borlin Jenny Set - 2nd Figure (Reels)
3. The Borlin Jenny Set - 3rd Figure (Reels)
4. The Borlin Jenny Set - 4th Figure (Reels)
5. The Borlin Jenny Set - 5th Figure (Reels)
6. The Borlin Jenny Set - 6th Figure (Reels)
7. The Limerick Orange and Green Set - 1st Figure (Slides)
8. The Limerick Orange and Green Set - 2nd Figure (Slides)
9. The Limerick Orange and Green Set - 3rd Figure (Polkas)
10. The Limerick Orange and Green Set - 4th Figure (Jigs)
11. The Limerick Orange and Green Set - 5th Figure (Polkas)
12. The Limerick Orange and Green Set - 6th Figure (Reels)
13. The Inis Meain Set - 1st Figure (Reels)
14. The Inis Meain Set - 2nd Figure (Polkas)
15. The Mayo Lancers Set - 1st Figure (Jigs)
16. The Mayo Lancers Set - 2nd Figure (Jigs)
17. The Mayo Lancers Set - 3rd Figure (Reels)
18. The Mayo Lancers Set - 4th Figure (Polkas)
19. The Mayo Lancers Set - 5th Figure (Flings)
20. The Mayo Lancers Set - 6th Figure (Jigs)
21. The Mayo Lancers Set - 7th Figure (Polkas)
22. The West Kerry Set - 1st Figure (Polkas)
23. The West Kerry Set - 2nd Figure (Polkas)
24. The West Kerry Set - 3rd Figure (Slides)
25. The West Kerry Set - 4th Figure (Polkas)
26. The West Kerry Set - 5th Figure (Slides)
27. The West Kerry Set - 6th Figure (Hornpipes)
28. The Glencorrib Set - 1st Figure (Jigs)
29. The Glencorrib Set - 2nd Figure (Jigs)
30. The Glencorrib Set - 3rd Figure (Jigs)
31. The Glencorrib Set - 4th Figure (Jigs)
32. The Glencorrib Set - 5th Figure (Polkas)
33. The Glencorrib Set - 6th Figure (Polkas)
34. The Peeler and the Goat