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Mick Conneely






1. Reels: Jenny’s Wedding / The Old Bush / Scotch Mary
2. Jigs: Cailleach an Airgid / The Cat in the Corner / The Looharadhawn’s Jig
3. Reels: The Road to Cashel / Salthill Prom
4. Reels: The Providence / The Eel in the Sink / The Culfada
5. Slig Jigs: A Roll of the Dice / A Fig for a Kiss
6. Hornpipes: The Showman’s Fancy / Flee as a Bird
7. Reels: Dinny O’Brien’s / Farewell to Connacht / The Gravel Walks
8. Jigs: Farewell to Jim / That’s More of It
9. Reels: The Jug of PUnch / Sergeant Early’s Dream / Paddy Fahy’s Reel / Mullingar Races
10. Reels: McGlinchey’s / McFadden’s Handsome Daughter / I Have No Money
11. Set Dances: The Humours of Bandon / Planxty Maggie Brown
12. Reels: The Glen of Aherlow / Ríl Bhéarra / The Green Fields of Glentown
13. Reels: The Bird in the Bush / The Longford Tinker