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1. The Dances At Kinvara/Peach Blossoms - Moving Cloud 
2. The Avonmore/More Luck To Us/The Coachman's Whip - Moving Cloud 
3. The Old Woman's Purse Of Money/The Maids On The Green - Moving Cloud
4. Virginia Waltz - Moving Cloud 
5. Colonel McBain/Grogan's Favourite/The Sailor On The Rock - Moving Cloud 
6. Seanbhean Bhoct/Sweeney's - Moving Cloud 
7. Chinese Polka/William Durette's Clog/The Boys Of The Lough - Moving Cloud 
8. The Tongs By The Fire/Buttermilk Mary/Joy Of My Life - Moving Cloud 
9. Tommy's E-Flat Clog - Moving Cloud 
10. The Bluebell Polka - Moving Cloud 
11. Cill Chais - Moving Cloud 
12. Loudon's Braes Are Bonnie/Pat Ward's/The Mountain Top - Moving Cloud 
13. Do You Want Any More?/The Visit To Ireland - Moving Cloud 
14. George White's Favourite/Touch Me If You Dare/The Green Mountain/Kiss Your Partner/The Linen Cap - Moving Cloud