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Music Rough Guides
The Rough Guide To Irish Folk






Disc 1
1. Crooked Jack
2. Pota Maer Fatae
3. The Yellow Barber/Gold Rush
4. The Rich Irish Lady
5. Trippin'
6. Town of Athlone
7. The Flower of Kilkenny
10. Dan Murphy's/Tom Barrett's/Tarmon's Cross/Upperchurch Polka
11. Beauty Deas an Oileain
12. The Spoons Murder
13. Jimmy Mó Mhíle Stór
14. Elizabeth Kelly's Favourite/Follow Me Down to Limerick
15. The Men That God Made Mad/L'entrada De L'angustura
16. High Road to Linton/The Humours of Newcastle
17. St Patrick Was a Gentleman
18. The Lochaber Badger
19. The Rising of the Moon

Disc 2
1. Love Is Pleasing
2. Dunlavin Green
3. Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
4. Black Is the Colour
5. Town of Athlone
6. Maidin Luan Chincise
7. The Fiddle and the Drum
8. Erin's Lovely Home
9. Ae Fond Kiss
10. I Once Loved a Lass