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Philomena Begley
Irelands Country Queen

CD1 1969-1974

1. I Love A Ramblin' Man

2. England's Motorways

3. A Village In County Tyrone

4. Old Ardhoe

5. Truck Drivin' Woman

6. Mama's & Daddy's Little Girl

7. Here Today And Gone Tomorrow

8. My Elusive Dreams (with Ray Lynam)

9. Jeannie's Affraid Of The Dark (with Ray Lynam)

10. You And Me, Her And Him (with Ray Lynam)

11. False Eyelashes

12. I Love You Honey

13. Crying Steel Guitar

14. Lucky Old Me

15. Honkytonkitis

16. You Never Were Mine

17. Where Do Babies Go

CD2 1974-1983

1. (I've Got)Texas In My Heart

2. Queen Of The Silver Dollar

3. Blanket On The Ground

4. Today Tomorrow And Forever (with Dan O'Hara)

5. Love Was Once Around The Dance Floor

6. Light In The Window

7. What's Wrong With The Way That We're Doing It Now

8. Down River Road

9. Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus

10. Route 65 To Nashville

11. The Umbrella Song

12. Jose Cuervo

13. Tra Le La Le La Triangle

14. Big Four Poster Bed

15. Medals For Mothers

16. Blue Jean Country Queen

17. The Way Old Friends Do

CD3 1984-2012

1. Honky Tonkin'

2. Deportees

3. Pull The Covers Over Me

4. Red Is The Rose

5. Sentimental Ol' You

6. One Love At A Time

7. The Key's In The Mailbox

8. Gold And Silver Days

9. Dark Island

10. Galway Bay

11. Home I'll Be

12. The Song From Way Back When

13. The Last Supper

14. It's Been A Long Time

15. Tribute To Billy Jo

16. God, If I Could Only Write Your Love Song

17. Wildwood flowers (Instrumental)