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Seamus Ennis
The Best Of Irish Piping
The Pure Drop & The Fox Chase (Remastered)






Irish Traditional

Year of production:



1. Two Reels: The Pure Drop/The Flax in Bloom - Seamus Ennis 
2. Slow Air: Ned of the Hill - Seamus Ennis 
3. Hornpipes: The Grooves Hornpipe/Dwyer's Hornpipe - Seamus Ennis 
4. March: O'Sullivan the Great - Seamus Ennis 
5. Double Jigs: When Sick, Is It Tea You Want?/The Humours of Drinagh - Seamus Ennis 
6. Slow Air and Slip-jig - Seamus Ennis 
7. Two Single Jigs: Ask My Father/Pat Ward's Jig - Seamus Ennis 
8. Slow Air: Valencia Harbour - Seamus Ennis 
9. Hornpipes: The Standing Abbey/The Stack of Barley - Seamus Ennis 
10. Two Reels: The Leitrum Thrush/Miss Johnson - Seamus Ennis 
11. March: The Return from Fingal - Seamus Ennis 
12. Two Single Jigs: Chase Me, Charlie/The Dingle Regatta - Seamus Ennis 
13. Slow Air: White Connor's Daughter, Nora - Seamus Ennis 
14. Two Double Jigs: Slieve Russell/Sixpenny Money - Seamus Ennis 
15. Three Reels: Stay for Another While/I Have No Money/The Cushogue - Seamus Ennis 
16. Slow Air: The Brown Thorn - Seamus Ennis 
1. Two Reels: Music at the Gate/The Pigeon On the Gate - Seamus Ennis 
2. Two Double Jig: The Blooming Meadows/Kitty's Rambles - Seamus Ennis 
3. Slow Air: Ned of the Hill - Seamus Ennis
4. Two Single Jigs: Smash the Windows/The Dark Girl in Blue - Seamus Ennis 
5. Two Hornpipes: The Derry Hornpipe/The Cuckoo's Nest - Seamus Ennis (
6. Song-tune: The Trip We Took Over the Mountain - Seamus Ennis
7. Three Reels: The Merry Sisters/Music in the Forge/Castle Kelly - Seamus Ennis 
8. Hornpipe: Johnny Cope - Seamus Ennis 
9. Two Reels: The Rainy Day/A Fair Wind - Seamus Ennis 
10. Descriptive Piping Piece: The Fox Chase - Seamus Ennis 
11. Two Reels: The Braes of Busby/Colonel Frazer - Seamus Ennis 
12. Slip-jig: The Kid On the Mountain - Seamus Ennis