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Various Artists
Irish Gold




Irish Folk Compilations


Disc 1

1. Danny Boy
2. The Wild Rover
3. Reynard the Fox
4. McAlpine's Fusiliers
5. The Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe
6. Single Jigs: John Joes/Bridie McGrath's
7. Willy O'Winsbury
8. The Nightingale (Feat. Johnny Kelly)
9. The Pipe On the Hob
10. The Black Velvet Band
11. The Spanish Cloak
12. The Handsome Cabin Boy
13. The Rocky Road to Dublin
14. The Barnyards of Delgaty
15. The Sea Around Us
16. The Bridge Below the Town
17. Shanagolden
18. Kitty Gone A-milking/Music in the Glen
19. The Butcher Boy
20. Burke's Hornpipe

Disc 2

1. The Irish Rover
2. The Shores of Amerikay
3. I'll Tell Me Ma
4. Alcoholidays
5. Sally Brown
6. The Flowers in the Valley
7. The Orange and the Green
8. Mursheen Durkin
9. The One-eyed Riley
10. The Bold O'Donoghue
11. Banks of the Roses
12. The Wexford Massacre
13. The Frog's Wedding
14. Cod Liver Oil
15. Mason's Apron
16. Finnegan's Wake
17. The Black Velvet Band
18. Rolling in the Barrel/In the Tap Room/The Earl's Chair
19. The Holy Ground
20. Tarry Flynn

Disc 3

1. Seven Drunken Nights
2. The Woman from Wexford
3. The Pub With No Beer
4. The Waxie's Dargle
5. Come to the Bower
6. The Turfmen from Ardee
7. The Pipe On the Hob
8. I Still Miss Someone
9. Swallow's Tail
10. The Wild Colonial Boy
11. Two Jigs
12. Boys from the County Armagh
13. Hello Patsy Fagan
14. Preab San Oi
15. Beautiful City
16. Rhattigans's/Mrs. McLeod's
17. Let Erin Remember
18. The Lambs On the Green Hills
19. Peggy Lettermore
20. As I Roved Out