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Niamh Ní Charra
Cuz – A Tribute to Cuz Teahan


  1. The Lonesome Road To Dingle / Dave Kennedy’s Gift / Cuz Teahan’s Favourite / The Nuns’ Cuttings (Slides)
  2. Tadhg and Biddy’s / Denis Murphy’s #2 / Mary Shea’s Promise to her Dog / Dust on the Bible (Waltz / Slides) 
  3. Johnny I do Miss You / The Galway Belle / Ballyhoura Mountains (Polkas) 
  4. Frank Thornton’s / The Glountane Highland / The Road to Glountane (Highlands) 
  5. Is Ar Éirinn Ní Neosfainn Cé hÍ (Song) 
  6. The Dolly Varden / Moll Roe (Barndance / Slip Jig)
  7. Anne Sheehy McAuliffe’s / Mickey Chewing Bubblegum / Newmarket (Polkas)
  8. The Peeler and the Goat / Paul’s Departure / The Chieftains Are Coming (Slide / Reels) 
  9. Kerry Mills / Gaelic Park / Tumble The Tinker  (Barndance / Jigs) 
  10. The Man From Glountane / Tom Dayhill’s Fiddle (Hornpipes)
  11. I Made it to Winona / The Day I Spent with Mick / The Rogues’ Gallery (Polkas)
  12. Ann Heymann’s / Glountane School 1862 (Waltz / Reel)
  13. The Big Furze Bush / The Hair Fell Off My Coconut / Minnie Looney’s (Slides)