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Gram Parsons
Grievous Angel


Second and final solo studio album by the American musician. Prominently featuring a young Emmylou Harris, the album is viewed as a successful example of the hybrid between country and rock and roll Parsons called 'Cosmic American Music'.

1. Return Of The Grevious Angel - Gram Parsons (4.27)
2. Hearts On Fire - Gram Parsons (3.52)
3. I Can't Dance - Gram Parsons (2.24)
4. Brass Buttons - Gram Parsons (3.3)
5. $1000 Wedding - Gram Parsons (5.05)
6. Medley Live From Northern Quebec: Cash On The Barrelhead/Hickory Wind - Gram Parsons (6.28)
7. Love Hurts - Gram Parsons (3.42)
8. Las Vegas - Gram Parsons (3.32)
9. In My Hour of Darkness - Gram Parsons (3.44)

Year of Production: 1974