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CYRM (Standard LP)

ØXN exist at the uncharted intersection of its constituent parts, melding Lankum’s
experimental doom folk (Radie Peat), the motorik euphoria of Percolator (John ‘Spud’
Murphy’ & Eleanor Myler) & Katie Kim’s glorious Lynchian meta-verse. They create a
peerless new sound which exists somewhere between the traditional, the future and the
eternal. Try to imagine the missing link between Enya, Ennio Morricone, Richard Dawson &
Neu! and you’ll still fall short trying to anticipate the unique sonic universe of ØXN.

What began as a side project duo between Radie Peat & Katie Kim in 2018, blossomed into
a full-on multi-textured tapestry, with the addition of Myler & Murphy during lockdown. This resulted in one of the streaming highlights of the Covid era with an unforgettable live
performance from a Martello tower in Dublin in conjunction with visual artist & Lankum
collaborator, Vicky Langan. Now they are set to release their highly anticipated debut
album. Cyrm was recorded by Murphy (Lankum/Black Midi/Junior Brother) at the Hellfire
Studios in just 5 dizzying days in 2022 and set for release on the relaunched & rejuvenated
Claddagh Records in October 2023. 

Track Listing:

1. Cruel Mother
2. The Trees They Do Grow High
3. Love Henry
4. The Feast
5. The Wife Of Michael Cleary
6. Farmer In The City