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Sam Clague
Good Morning/ Balloons


LP Vinyl




Irish Folk


Sam Clague is a singer songwriter and producer from cork. His songs are driven by intricate guitar arrangements that echo the sounds of 60s bossa nova and 70s folk while a soft and melancholy voice melodically weaves its way around it. Sams first two E.Ps where recorded DIY and feature lots of colourful acoustic sounds from clarinets and violins to beer bottles. His production style creates a warm psychedelic sonic space for his songs to live in.

His debut EP “Balloons” marks the culmination of a childhood well spent and the verity of being reluctantly pulled into the cruelties of adulthood.


Side One

1.Good Morning
2. Rope to Climb
3. Skeletons
4. On Your Way

Side Two

1.Waves make foam
2. Melting butter
3. Balloons
4. Bangs on the door